Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today Post::Golf not just a game

Golf resorts provide more than a golf player would ask. Generally, it caters to different kinds of people and not just a Pro Golf but also golf enthusiasts.

The world’s longest golf course, stretching along 1,365 kilometres (848 miles) of desert highway with holes at 18 towns and service stations, is to open in Australia this year.

Golf resorts offer a variety of golf instruction programs for golfers of all skill levels. Golf resorts may offer individual instruction, group clinics, corporate clinics, junior clinic or multi day golf instruction packages.

Platzreife is one of famous golf course. They offer golf holidays (Golfreisen),golf license that is necessary to play golf in Germany (platzreife),online shopping possibilities since our golf shop is the biggest in Germany and offer all major brand of product.

Aside from these three marvelous golf resorts, there are still many other golf resorts waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. You could try looking for them at the Web because most of them have Web sites already; or you could ask for brochures and pamphlets of different golf resorts.