Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today Post::Sports for better life and winning

We living in fortune today because, we surrounded by fast technology to make easier of our live. For example if i want to buy a Christmas card or gifts i just go to ebay or amazon to make purchase.

Every of us today know about Olympic Games because of their revival in modern times. Less well known are the other ancient(olympic)three “crown” festivals of ancient Greece, those held at Delphi, Isthmia, and Nemea.

Forget it or you may want to explore yourself more about ancient games.

Purchasing online is not an easy job. You have to compare and trust the site before make any transaction. I believe that this sport directory is one of the best where you can buy any sports utility and you can trust too.

If you wondering where to buy sports merchandise like Football, Baseball and Softball, Hockey, Cricket, Volleyball, Soccer and so on you may look into this site.

In real competition just like in ancient Olympic games, both side must have strong supporter. Cheerleader is one of team that give the player spirit to win the games. Normally cheerleader performed by female and have their own anthem or tag line.

When I’m in secondary school instead of football, i like to play basket ball. Today i was amuse with new style of basket ball called Slamball, where player jump on a standard basketball court. In fact i want to try any game but in my opinion sports is just a recreation and for health reason, but for them who make a sports as career or to be famous then go for it.

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