Monday, March 30, 2009

Get A Chance To Win A Full Set of Aromaleigh's Spring Solstice Collection

March 30, 2009 9:01 pm

Get A Chance To Win A Full Set of Aromaleigh's Spring Solstice Collection

I just checked out how many entries have the label “Aromaleigh” here in my blog. There were 48 entries with Aromaleigh labels, and this is going to be the forty-ninth one. Forty-nine labels! That just shows how much I like this brand. Well Kristen of Aromaleigh is holding a contest where one can get a chance to win a full set of full-sized jars of Aromaleigh’s Spring Solstice shadows!! I am pasting the contest mechanics prizes below:

Here’s how to enter. This is a “viral” contest, in which you’ll be posting about Aromaleigh and this contest on your blogs, social networks, forums you visit, myspace bulletins, facebook, vox blogs, etc, etc.

You may enter 3 times- which means that you can post about this event in three different places. To enter, make your post in your blog/forum/community/etc of choice, which has to include a link to home page, or the Spring Solstice collection page:

Then, come back to the contest post at our WORDPRESS BLOG and leave a comment including where you posted your entry and the link.

Please use your real email address when you post (no one else can see this info but me) so that I can get in touch with you when we do the contest drawing. If you enter a bad email address, and you win- then I can’t get in touch with you. CapicĂ©?

What do you need to post to have a valid entry? Something about Aromaleigh. Perhaps why you like it and why you want to win this contest. Let others know about the contest so that they can have a chance to check it out, too. And you’ve got to include the url.

I’ll go and check each entry to validate it, and in the very beginning of April, I will collect all entries and hold a video drawing that will be posted on my You Tube channel and here, in which I draw 5 winners. You’ll see it happen, real-time~!

So let’s get started… this is a fabulous chance to win one of five FULL SIZED sets of the Spring Solstice collection! This is a big dollar value item, and we’ve got FIVE of them to give away! So let’s start spreading the word about this contest and Aromaleigh.

This contest is open to customers worldwide!

So why do I want to win the Spring Solstice set? As I said in a previous entry, they are so pretty and the finish and texture are awesome. They are not as metallic as the Opulent Lustres (thank God!), and they have almost the same beautiful finish as the Valentine 2009 shadows that I loved. Watch out for Spring Solstice look that I will be posting soon.

Other reasons why I love Aromaleigh? Check out the forty-nine Labels here on my blog. (At the bottom of this entry are my tags. Click on the “Aromaleigh” one.) I think all those entries are a testament that I just don’t pretend to be a fan of Aromaleigh in order to win this contest.

You have a chance to win too! Spread the word via your own blogs, makeup forums, and your Facebook or MySpace pages. So what are you waiting for? Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go!