Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Post: TOO MUCH

last weekend was fashion week berlin, influence mediterranean fashion festival and also dubrovnik fashion week.
it is time to write something about the 1. dubrovnik fashion week.
the curators have only selected the most innovative and exciting designers from all over the world for an event. some of them were mastori & motwary( greece), carta e coustura( italy), derek lawlor & emillia bairamova(uk), anna aichinger( austria) end & maryam kordbacher( holland), nakkna & minna palmqvist( sweden), jakob polanka(czech republic) as well as mustre,mu.n, artidana, andrea bistricic, ana kajundjic, patrizia donna, art go’den, ivana barac & tomislav zidar from croatia.
next to fashion designers also some of visual arist where there. like diane pernet, one dot zero, bogomir dorringer, slobodan mihajlovic and the bowling club.
my favorites are:

jakub polanka

derek lawlor

emilia bairamova

asia wysoczynska


ivana barac