Friday, July 17, 2009

Today Post::Je Suis Belle, bien s=?UTF-8?B?w7s=?=r!

You may have already heard of Je Suis Belle’s spring 2010 collection from eerily quick on the uptake blogs such as Style Bubble and Kingdom of Style. I generally avoid repeating content but for this case I’ll make an exception, as the relatively unknown brand deserves more press and they were kind enough to send an info package filled with lovely high-res images directly to my inbox. I love being able to see the details for a change! I’m rather bored of using tiny photos over and over again.

Je Suis Belle is the brainchild of Dalma and Tibor, who met in university in Budapest and have since been on a mission to create clothes for the self-confident woman, who seeks gracefulness, playfulness, and appreciates a sense of individuality. The spring 2010 collection was inspired by the works of contemporary Hungarian artist Attila Szűcs, whose paintings were printed all over the body, on lightly draped dresses and blouses. Straw hats were sliced in half, creating a casual visor, perfect for picnics in the park or lounging on the beach. I was a bit confused by the shoes. Were these clobbered together backstage before the show or are they intentionally made so haphazardly unfinished? Sure looks like an easy DIY…

I set runway shots side by side with images of Szűcs’ paintings below. I enjoyed browsing through the online gallery, definitely worth a look-see! I love the mysterious hazy images. Especially the ones depicting the curious electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. Yes. Oh, and I just wanted to add, the painting names were taken directly from the website. I’m not sure if the typos are intentional or not…


Dog with christmas-tree lightnings

Two standing figures

Figure with pinkish blindspot

Tesla in a desert

Restlers on singularity

Photographer: Hendrik Ballhausen, painting captures from