Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today Post::It Speaks to Me

This morning I received a hello from Marisa, a part of the team behind Speech, a hand-made jewelry line conceived in the place they call the “dungeon” in Queen West. She seemed pretty sure that I would like some of the pieces. Why yes, I did! The collection was inspired by the beauty of everyday hardware, such as an old mirror frame nail, the starting point for the collection. The jewelry is rendered in gold or oxidized sterling silver, elevating the mundane to form a sort of Dadaist-inspired art. To me, it’s all about the gritty rock and roll. The large nail is probably my favourite. Check out their blog for a bit of bad-ass inspiration (Kasabian meets Greasers meets Galliano’s tongue…), and also check out Marisa’s blog C’est Girl So Chic. She’s a former Teen Vogue intern! Neato.

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