Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today Post::The Scuba Dress

Finally, my DIY project is finished! Except this wasn’t really DIY, since my grandmother helped me with it. I forgot to take the “before” pictures. Sorry guys! The original thrifted dress had sheer black panels where I placed the blue. It was lovely, but far too showy for my personal tastes, and I really did want to wear it out. I originally planned on replacing the sheer with a stretchy nude fabric, but couldn’t find any that didn’t wash out my skin. Then I came across this four-way stretch electric blue fabric, and fell in love. I instantly thought of the colors and fit of scuba diving costumes. And thus the scuba dress was born. Sewing stretch fabrics is a nightmare though, I tell ya. My grandmother says she just aged 10 years sewing and fitting and re-sewing and re-fitting, and so on. The blue fabric was stretch but much more stiff than the original thin mesh.