Tuesday, April 21, 2009

L'oreal Lineur Intense, Almay Liquid and MAC Penultimate Liners: A Comparison Review

I’ve had the chance to try the L’oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip liquid liner, and I’d always wondered how it would fare compared to my other felt-tip liquid liners- Almay and MAC Penultimate. As I had mentioned in previous entries, I would always prefer my liquid liners over my gel ones like MAC’s fluidlines or Indelible or Coastal Scents gel liners when I am in a hurry because I can always get a perfect line using the liquid liners in maybe 5 seconds flat. I also don’t need to look around for an eyeliner brush when I use my liquid liners, which is a plus because that saves time especially when you’re pressed for time. I’ve used my Almay since 2004, and am very much satisfied with it. I decided to branch out when I tried MAC’s Penultimate, because I was curious as to how other brands’ liquid liners operate. Here are my thoughts regarding these three products.

L’Oreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner
-For dramatically bold or sleek eye looks, L’Oreal presents Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner.
-Lineur Intense’s tapered natural brush gives you the control to create the most precise lines for your desired eye looks.
-All day wear up to 8 hours.
-Ophthalmologist tested.
-Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

My Take: I’ve been using liquid liners for five years now, so working the brush tip wasn’t really a big deal for me. If you are new to liquid liners, though, this would take a little bit of practice. I recommend using felt tip liquid liners first before graduating to brush applicators. I just found out that Lineur Intense actually has a variant with a felt tip, which is great. I like how, as the name implies, intense the line you can create with this product. The line is so very black, and would really work great for dramatic looks. I also like how fine the brush tip is, so you can make lines as very close to the lashline as possible, so as to make a natural, unobtrusive line that gives an illusion of lush lashes. The downside is that the tip is flimsy and would create wonky lines if you are not used to this brush applicator. I suggest creating a crutch using your pinky finger (place your little finger on your cheekbone to steady your hand while you apply the liner). With practice, though, you can create gorgeous, flawless lines with this product.

ALMAY® Liquid Liner
Get beautiful definition with this easy-to-use liquid liner. Water-resistant formula lasts up to 16 hours without irritation. Unique “inkwell” design delivers fresh color every time. Flex-tip applicator provides mistake-proof control.
Hypoallergenic. Ophthalmologist tested.

My Take: I wouldn’t be using this product for five years straight if I didn’t love it. This product cured my phobia of liquid liners. The felt-tip is a godsend. It gives amazing color and precise, flawless lines in record time. The applicator, just as Almay claims, is flexible but it is not at all floppy or flimsy, so it gives great control to create your perfect line. You can also create the cat-eye flick at the end with ease and precision. I also have this in Brown, and it gives such a natural, beautiful line everytime. I believe Almay may have a blacker black than what I have right now, but mine yields a soft black hue that is perfect for everyday application. Love, love, love.

MAC PENULTIMATE EYE LINER A new, permanent classical liquid pen liner in a modern, plastic barrel with cap package that provides precise and bold line application. The carbon black pigment provides the richest and deepest black.

MAC Penultimate yields a very thin, heavily pigmented line, mainly because of the finer tip. I also love the fact that Penultimate is a lot darker than Almay, so just one application should be enough. I apply two lines of my Almay liner on the lashline to have the desired effect. All in all, I still like my Almay because it gives me the precise line that I like in less than five seconds, but the Penultimate is a winner as well because you can create precise, very fine lines with it because of its fine tip and very dark pigment. I also love the Penultimate to wiggle into the very lashline to create a darker, lusher lashline, without looking like I have liquid liner on. It seems very natural. Love this liner as well.

There you go, my review of my liquid liners!