Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh no Kelly Di'unt! RHONY

I am such a ho for Bravo’s programming, especially when it comes to the Real Housewives. You know that stuff is crack cocaine mixed with botox.

Just when I think Ramona’s family is a side order of crazy, and someone is acting *gasp* normally, like–say Simon (I know–huge stretch)– he goes and does some diva screaming crap in the car about his wife’s surprise being ruined. If those ugg earrings weren’t a big enough surprise.

And what’s with these big power sales people selling from what looks like their apartments? A $16000 dollar handbag for Jill, and the Bea person looks like she works out of an apartment. The guy who makes jewelery looks like he is living in closet.

Speaking of jewelry, Kelly’s jewelry owls are cute and they’re about the only reason I give a hoot about her. She’s pretty fake. Showing up to her own party 90 minutes late because she had to put on something that looked like a black diaper ensemble? I don’t know what that is all about. I guess her date probably needed two hours to put on the loin cloth, but only because he kept admiring himself in the mirror.

And the Duchess! The Duchess! Anyone else drooling to see the reunion show? It is going to be a moment of national gloat watching the “Duchess” knowing girl got her behind dumped by her husband. So much for class, honey.

About the only normal person on the show right now is LuAnn’s daughter Victoria, and only because of the blank looks she kept registering last night. Didn’t you love how she looks like she’s living in the land of Giveacrap? Shipping her off to boarding school was the best thing mom could have done for daughter, if only to get her away from people who claim she needs to watch them shop and be provided with cups of water to derive her joys in life.

Way to go on discovering thrift store shopping! Endearing, in a dysfunctional way. Price check!