Thursday, April 16, 2009

Contest Winners! Yay!

Your prizes are being mailed today and should arrive sometime this week!

Congratulations to the following rockin’ readers:

Fathead winner: Nicole M.
Good Calories, Bad Calories winner: Patti M.
Fitness After 40 winner: Lydia R.
Slow Burn winner: Marcia B.
Fit Kids, Healthy Kids winner: Amy D.
Fasting, Detoxing book winner: Shannon S.
PureVia winners: Darlene N. & Martha G.
Coffee and Tea Sampler Winner: Patricia J.
Chili’s Coupon winners: Brenda S., Maria S., Robin L., Elizabeth H., & Barbara B.

Thanks so much to the companies and PR folks who have, over time, sent along these items to review and to give to readers. I appreciate that you believe in the ‘Pay it Forward’ concept as much as I do. When companies send me items, I pass them along to you guys. To me, it’s a small way of thanking them…and saying, “Yo. Thanks,” to you, too.

Thanks so much to you readers out there, who put up with a girlie who is sick for weeks at a time with mysterious flu illnesses. If there’s anyone who has friends to hold her hair back, she’d be me!

All emails with personal information have been deleted and sent to cyberspace! Thanks so much for entering!