Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Monday weigh-in of the year

Good morning, gorjusses!

As you know, I started Atkins this last Monday.

I am dedicated to bringing you the news weekly so that you know exactly how I’m doing. Why? Because accountability is ever so sweet, and because it’s important to show that you don’t have to use a crash diet to get to goal. Yummy, sensible eating rules the day!

I have been pretty bad at keeping menus here because I am so busy that I haven’t had time to write down what I’m eating. Anymore I’m grab and go girl, noshing from pizzas I’ve made.

I do eat the recipes I post (when they’re for my particular portion of the plan, ie induction), and they do not stall me.

That said, since last week I’m down 19 pounds. Yes, in one week. Last year, I lost 16 pounds the first week. I beat that by 3… not bad, considering I weigh less than I did last year when I began.

How is your journey?

I am off to make more delicious, veggie-loaded pizza for the noms! Have a great day, and check in to let me know how you’re doing on your own, hep cap weight losses!

As an aside, I’ve added information to the recipes along the side. Now you can tell at a glance which recipes are induction-friendly and which are also gluten-free.’

I’ve also added a tartar sauce under sauces and soups to the right.