Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is it really that interesting?

I have had some friends throttling my neck for not updating weight lately and not putting things like menus on my blog.

I think everyone is doing menus now, so, for me, it’s so not interesting. I hate sitting down, trying to remember what I ate, let alone wondering if someone in Moose Lake is going to die if she tries eating lasagna three times a day. I work on a lot of recipes, so I’m often finishing up something I made, and I might eat nothing but cauliflower pizza for three days straight.

So, that said, I don’t think my menus are going to help you, unless you want to see what a chick who cooks stuff makes. I don’t keep information in fitday. I eat when hungry, and stop when full. Boring? Oh hells yeah.

Still, do you want this information? And if so, why? If it’s to say, “OMG! Look at what she’s eating,” I’m not interested. I’m not going to get into a wee wee match over menus. I’m too old for lectures. I follow Atkins. Period. How I follow the A-man might be toats different than others, but I love induction, so that’s where I’ll be.

Next order of business.

Weight updates. Do you care? I am a low-carb writer and I’ll always be a low-carb writer. I give good information that isn’t hinging on my weight. My weight goes up sometimes, and it goes down sometimes. I’ve never claimed to be phenomenally skinny or a success story. I’ve never claimed to be an expert that should be listened to or slapped across yo face.

So, if I share weight, it ’s because the normal people want to know when I’m gaining and losing because it makes you feel like, “Wow! She is a normal ho!” I don’t want people going all in my face about losing too fast or too slow, or even gaining. If I post weight, it has to help, regardless if you like the results or not.

So, what do you want to see? Frankly, I’m happy not sharing anything. I’ll share if it helps people, but it’s enough effort that it has got to be helpful. I just don’t think my progress (or lack thereof) is very interesting, since my advice will never change.

Talk to me.

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