Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kimkins Bankruptcy Case Dismissed, suit moves forward

So you think you can dance?

From WildAngel at the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit site.

What a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning! We’ve got great news from John Tiedt and Scott Clarkson today!

The US Bankruptcy Court has DISMISSED the Diaz Case!

A tremendous THANK YOU to both John Tiedt and Scott Clarkson for their determination and perseverence in pursuing this case.

The Bankruptcy was just an obstacle with which Ms. Diaz attempted to slow down the wheels of justice. The obstacle has been removed and the wheels will continue moving. It’s not over just yet. There is still much more to be done. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted of the progress, as we can.

Heidi Diaz is cunning. Aside from tricking Keebler cookies to jump into her mouth, she tried to declare bankrupty, which would have stalled the class action lawsuit indefinitely.

Now that Real Housewife of Stretchy Pants County will have to face the music, and while girl thinks she can dance, even the judges agree: Heidi Diaz might be going home, but only if it’s in a set of stripes and to a girl who wants to make her her wife and makes shanks out of Hello Kitty barettes.

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