Thursday, April 16, 2009

Whatwhat?! Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza?

Oh no I di’unt!

I’ve been playing around with a recipe for awhile. Sometimes you guys might think I’m slow, but I’m a perfectionist. I keep trying something until it’s right prior to sharing it with you. With ingredients being expensive, and time short, preparing healthy, low-carb, gluten-free foods is enough work without dealing with a flop.

Cheese in the crust pizza is my new nom!

Made with the cauliflower or zucchini crust base, you have the perfect, low-carb solution. Sure, the process is multi-step, but it is worth it! Even the next day, I’m reheating the pizza and the cheese goes to goo wonderfully.

And at only 3 net carbs per slice for the crust, it is totallah worth it. The added cheese helps satify hungry folks faster.

If you guys make any great tweaks to this recipe, let me know!