Thursday, April 16, 2009

How did you lose 19 pounds in one week?

It occurred to me over the course of the day (and not a few emails) that there is probably some confusion regarding my ability to lose 19 pounds in a week.

BAH! I say to those of you who can’t read my mind.

Here is the deal:

1. I am a hefty hepcat mama. I’m no lightweight. I have more to lose, and so I’m going to lose more quickly in the beginning.

2. High metabolism. Does that sound cliche? I feign a straight face here because it cracks me up to say it. Still, Atkins says that those with a high metabolism can expect to lose roughly 6-10% of weight loss needed in the first two weeks.

If you have 200 pounds to lose, that means you could be expected to lose anywhere from 10-20 pounds in the first 14 days (if, and I mean IF your metabolism is not a hot mess). If you take steroids, have thyroid complications or are dealing with other medical issues, you may not lose weight this quickly. If you have less to lose, and you’re not a guy (they fart and sprout a six-pack of abs), expect to lose less.

3. I didn’t keep a menu because I was busy. I will say this. I listened to the good Dr and follow the 2002 plan. I eat my 3 servings of veggies per day, stick to cheese limits, and eat fat and protein to help temper the minimal veggie sugars.

I ate: Cauliflower stuffed crust pizza, salads, a Wendy’s Baconator, a Red Robin Guacamole Bacon burger wrapped in lettuce, steamed veggies, veggie trays, little cheese cubes, pepperoni and olives. (Not all in the same day).

I eat when hungry and stop when no longer hungry, and I drink water when thirsty.

I don’t use sugar alcohols (they keeel mee) and I try to keep artificial sweeteners to a minimum.

I also keep food always ready and handy; otherwise when starving, it would be too easy to make the wrong choices. Today I’m mad at myself for having no frozen cauliflower in the house to make lasagna noodles.

4. I weigh daily. Not as an obsessive gesture, but to gauge if something from the day before threw me off track.

Other than that, I haven’t done anything special. I’m just fat, bloaty and full of high metabolism–which, I might add– is going to kill me eventually. high metabolisms tend to poop out more quickly than the lower ones, accounting for males dying sooner than females.

That said, I’d better get thin. Who knows how long I have before the old ticker goes kerplooey and hubby’s collecting the insurance. (LOL)

Does this help? I’m rambling now…