Thursday, April 16, 2009

End of Induction. Monday Weigh-in

Woot woot! 14 days down and I’ve lost a grand total of 21 pounds. I had a lot of salty food this weekend, so I only lost a pound last week (lol), but hey! I’ll take it!

We had a busy week, so the days were punctuated with pizza toppings. Whole num and low-carb, they are totally saltrifficness.

No menus this week since I have been busy. If I did put a menu together, it would be filled with veggies, cheese cubes and pizza toppings as a theme. I also had cauliflower, stuffed crust pizza and salads.

Sorry for the short one today, but I’m zipping into work early.

Still, 21 pounds in 2 weeks, eating what I want to (within reason) on Atkins 2002. Not bad. If you’ve been considering giving Atkins a go (and have consulted with your doctor), why not! Go for it. By my next birthday I plan to try and hit goal at a time many Americans are starting to let go a little… I want a set of six packs–not two liters!