Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tom Noughton. Stand up low-carber

I know you have never figured this out, but I am a huge fan of intelligence (shut up) plus humor. You put those two things together and you end up with shows like Corner Gas. And Scrubs. And Bravo’s Make Me a Super Model (Make a form! Make a form!).

Imagine with me if you will, a night spent with my totally cool (I’m biased) family watching only the best documentary ever (aside from King of Kong–come on, guys. You have to admit that arcade drama and feathered hair wars are to die for) Fat Head.

Now, imagine the very funny–nay– righteously pour me a tall glass of ell oh fresh ell funny has his. own. blog.

Oh I di’unt?


I know right? Tom Noughton is now low-carb Blogging. And dude is FUNNY and smart. I mean, you all know I’m funny (looking), but there are never enough humorous folks out there preaching the word. Word?

So hustle your gorgeous backsides to the home of the Houghton and share a little of that love with our man. Encourage him to stick around and do his thing the way a man who uses disdain when speaking of “whole grain buns” (shudder).

Tom Noughton is Righteously Funny and he doesn’t have a mullet (not that there’s anything wrong with that).