Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bits and Bites

We all gotta eat, right? And even though I am constantly watching what I eat and how much I cram in my mouth, I like to let go every now and then. Here’s one of those times where you can enjoy me at my face-stuffing best (or worst, depending on who you ask):

Artichoke Eatin’ (Mike at the 2009 Artichoke Festival)

The good news is most of those foods I scarfed down at the Artichoke Festival were pretty healthy, save for those fried artichokes. The burrito, stuffed with ‘chokes and peppers and cheese, was more nutritious than it looked. True, it was large and I was shoving huge amounts of it into my ravenous maw, but the stuff inside that monster was loaded with fiber and veggie protein. I had a great time and am in the process of putting together another video that takes you behind the scenes at the festival, showing how all the food was prepared. Stay tuned.

While you’re staying tuned, here’s another video showcasing my ability to cram food in my mouth:

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

One last video of me chewing food while talking, but one that has a healthy message:

Reward Your Weaknesses (By Turning Them Into Strengths)

Remember, we’re only human, we gotta eat. We all enjoy eating good foods, sometimes foods that we know are not the healthiest choices. The key is to give into your weakness at times, and then:

“Exercise control, control your weaknesses, and your weaknesses will become your strengths.”

Until next time…