Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chesapeake Bay Candle Company: A Review

I know most women who love makeup also love home decorating - they want their homes to look good just as they want to look good themselves. Am I right ladies?! =D I am particular about certain home goods I use, especially accessories. I often use fragrance to make the home feel more cozy, and it also gives a sense of calmness and sets the mood for whatever kind of relaxation you want. I have had the opportunity to try a line of home fragrance that is as chic and visually appealing as it is effective. Chesapeake Bay Candle Company is named after the largest estuary in the United States, a body of water that is as beautiful as it is mysterious with seemingly unplumbable depths. Such natural artwork is the inspiration behind the line of candles and home fragrance. When I surfed the website of Chesapeake Bay, I was amazed at how the packaging of the products was an art in itself. It seemed that every candle container, every diffuser bottle has been meticulously designed in order for it to look chic and attractive without looking tacky, blending into the glamour of every home. The major test though was the effectivity of the product to deliver a heavenly scent to the home.

I was able to try Chesapeake’s Bay reed diffuser, which I preferred because they are a safer alternative to candles. Using reeds won’t leave any soot or film to your furniture, walls or ceiling, and the fact that there is no flame involved eases worry. Using it is a no-brainer as well. Simply pour oil into the diffuser bottle, and insert natural reeds into the bottle. The fragrance oil will slowly travel up each read and release gently into the air. Turn over once to expose oil-moistened diffuser reeds to the air. The oil will continue to travel up the diffuser reeds.

I chose Amber Vanilla Hazelnut scent and it evokes thoughts of milk and cookies, and yet the amber tones give a sort of musky sophistication to the fragrance. My only gripe is that if I am really cooking a mean pot of spaghetti puttanesca, the reeds will not fully neutralize or overcome the smell of anchovies as the fragrance is a trifle light. I don’t recommend this diffuser if you have really strong odors to kill, but this would be wonderful in the bedroom, the den, the reading room, or anywhere else you want a soft, gentle, but consistent fragrance that will last you months.

I can’t wait to try the candles of Chesapeake Bay, because this is really one of the better-packaged fragrance products I’ve seen. I also like the sophistication of the scents, which are both unique and chic. For my readers, though, you have a chance to win a travel set of the Chesapeake Bay Candle signature collection! Watch out for more details in the next few days!!