Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OPI, China Glaze and Finger Paints Summer Collection Nail Polish Haul

Here are some recent cumulative summer collection nail polish acquisitions. I got this amazing deal at ULTA - they call it Pint Size Pink. It’s a free pink shimmer wristlet that contains two full-size OPI nail products: OPI nail lacquer in Shorts Story and the famed OPI Top Coat. And get this: it was a $17 value that I only got for - $4.95! A bottle of OPI polish alone costs almost nine bucks at ULTA! It was such an amazing deal that I just had to snag it. The pink polish is perfect for the toes and tips. It just totally screams “summer!”.

When I went to my neighborhood Sally’s, I fell in love with the new shades from Finger Paints’ Sunburst of Summer collection. I totally loved the candy colors! I can’t wait to wear Turquoise Tile both on the toes and tips. It’s the perfect summer shade in my opinion. Strawberry Shake is a pretty light pink with lots of amazing shimmer. I also had to get Lilac Lagoon because - you guessed it - lilacs and purples are my best nail polish shades. I’ve also read good reviews about the quality of Finger Paints - they are underrated, in my opinion.

I also bought my first-ever Nina Ultra Pro polish in Maple Syrup - it’s the perfect red-brown-burgundy that is just gorgeous. It reminds me of OPI’s Espresso Your Style but the former has heavier red undertones.

When I passed by Sally’s, I didn’t know that they had a deal for China Glaze Polish: buy 2 for $10. I know that 8ty8beauty and Head2Toe carry China Glaze at half that price, but at least I didn’t have to pay for shipping at Sally’s, and they were already right in my grubby hands! That being said, I snagged these four shades from the China Glaze Summer Days collection that I’d been drooling over online. Watermelon Rind is an amazing teal-ocean green color that is so beautiful. Grape Juice is, of course, a must-have for me given my penchant for purple polish. Strawberry Fields and Raspberry Festival are amazing pedicure colors that I can’t wait to sport on my toes while wearing flipflops. I had a lot of fun snagging these babies.

Finally, here’s a pic of MAC Love & Friendship nail lacquer on my nails. Of course, I just had to add the tacky flowers! I love them, though! =D