Thursday, May 21, 2009

Feng Shui and Food

Chi or “energy” - the basic premise of Feng Shui must be free-flowing in order to be in balance. All things in the Universe have two opposite yet complementary energies known as Yin and Yang.

You can enhance the energy in the kitchen with colors, materials and shapes, as well as good lighting and ventilation. When everything is in balance, meals will taste better, are easier to digest, and are healthier. This vital balance of energy, applies to everything in your environment, including the food with which you nourish your body.

Each food relates to one or more Feng Shui elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water. By combining the elements, you can enhance the Yin and Yang components of food, saturating it with energy and health-giving properties.

You will feel best when both Yin and Yang energies are equally strong and balanced within your body. After eating, you will feel good when your food has provided you with sufficient energy or you may feel cold or tired when your food did not provide you with enough.

In the cooler climates, there are about four times as many people with Yang deficiency as with Yin deficiency. Your body desires a balance between Yin and Yang and it will give you signals when your diet is not balanced. When you feel satisfyingly warm, your food is correctly balanced.

Source: Feng Shui and the 5-Element Kitchen, written by Llse Maria Fahrnow, Jurgen Henrich Fahrnow, Gunther Sator