Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday is the bomb-diggity.

Nothing like a little 2002-speak to get the most thrilling day of the week off of the ground.

Low-carbers represent!

I was approached to write a piece for Diets in Review, so now you can see five rudimentary reasons for looking to low-carb as a healthy lifestyle choice. The article is short (I spill a thousand words in a sitting), so check it out!

It is not only Friday over here, but the last day of school brings with it a house filled with teens–and they’re all going to want to be fed.

You notice I’ve been refraining from mentioning the glamour that are the Real Housewives of New York. At the same time, I’m also NOT mentioning that they are doing an ‘extra footage show’ next Thursday, where they’re sharing even more of the ba-witchery that are the RHONY. I’ve been getting into the new series, but they’re just hollow shells in New Jersey compared to the Countess chewing with her maw wide open.

Have a great weekend! The recipes will be organized before the end of the month, before they fall off of the front page. In the mean time, there is a google searchie box to the right which will aid you in finding the deliciousness that is whatever you might wish from cauliflower. Just tap your ruby reds together and it will be yours, gorgeousses!

There’s no place like home–even if it’s piled in socks and looks like it was hit with cyclonic action.