Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Winners of Double Giveaway: Aminogenesis Wrinkle Arrest and Health Dropz

I am finally back home! California was great, but nothing compares to home! I loved sunny California, but my family craved for even sunnier Arizona, and even my little boy told me he already wanted to go home to his bed and computer. =D Anyways, I have a lot of backlogged reviews and looks to show you guys, and several giveaways lined up as well, so stay tuned!!

First up, here are the winners of The Shades Of U’s Double Giveaway of Aminogenesis Wrinkle Arrest and HealthDropz:

The winner of the Aminogenesis Wrinkle Arrest Day Cream with SPF 18 is none other than:

makeupgirl21 (last part of e-mail address omitted to protect privacy)

The recipient of the HealthDropz Beverage Booster prize is none other than:

(last part of e-mail address omitted to protect privacy)

Congratulations!! Please check your e-mail inboxes (and your spam boxes too just in case) for notification e-mails from Contest Machine and The Shades Of U. Please reply using the link in the e-mail and enter your mailing address so the prizes can be sent to you expeditiously. Your mailing address shall be provided to the sponsors, which shall then mail the prize to you.

Again, congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated. Watch out for more giveaways!