Friday, May 1, 2009

Zola Juice Winner!

First, I have to clarify: in my original post, I wrote that the Zola juice drinks have 2.5 servings per bottle. They only have 1.5! So they have 150-200 calories per bottle rather than whatever silliness I wrote. Chalk it up to pregnancy brain. (I swear I used to be a math teacher.) Anyhow, we have a winner!

The Random Number Generator hath spoken and loveth:

And it wasn’t just the the random number generator that loved all over her, I do too! Check out her informative AND hilarious comment:

In the hot days of summer, nothing hits the spot like a tuna salad with a homemade fruit smoothie: 1-1/2 c. Arizona Diet Green Tea + 1 c. frozen fruit, usually a combo of banana, mango and strawberries. How could I possibly feel guilty about that?

Also love my three cups of coffee a day. No clear pee for me-more like light coffee.

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