Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo!

Wootie woot!

How will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year? There is no reason to eat off plan when you have so so so so so (are you getting the point) so so so many options!

Check these recipes for the nom.

For breakfast:
Slap you mama Tex-Mex omelet

Spicy beef jerky. Rub with chile pepper for that extra kick
Doritos. Put the dehydrator to good use
Chicken wings. Serve with spicy picante for a zippy chicken

Cream of Jalapeno soup. Serve with a dollop of sour cream for fresh flair

Main dishes
Taco pizza: As good as you’ll get when it comes to fresh taco taste on a crust
Tostadas: Delicious and easy, this calliente dish will send noshers to the moon
Mexican spaghetti squash bake: Totally easy, this substantial meal can be served with salsa and fresh, shredded lettuce
Quesadillas: Quick to prepare, especially if shells are made ahead
Tostadas: Crisp and tasty
Taco meat. A secret makes this meat even more savory and moist
Cup-o-Taco: A fun twist to a dish, this meal is portable
Spanish fried rice: Great flavor, savory, but without the carbs. A great addition to enchiladas

Cool down with:
Green Tazo Fraffuccino: Like Starbucks, but with a cost savings. quick and easy!
Iced frappuccino: Delicious for cooling spicy palates
Cranberry Frappuccino: How sweet it is
Raspberry Frappuccino: Very fun and fruity
Iced coffee: Simple for on the go needs

What is your favorite thing to nosh on for Cinco de Mayo?

Update: Thanks to the most delicious anonymous poster for letting me know my spaghetti squash link went to ground beef. You are so awesome, you make Angelina Jolie cry.